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Bible Comes Alive Series by Your Story Hour Recordings

A set of 12 CDs featuring 25 dramatized Bible stories - from Adam and Eve to the Israelites crossing of the Red Sea.

Hands on History by Home School In The Woods

Study the New and Old Testament and follow the life of Jesus from His birth to death to life again! Learn about His many stories, lessons, and miracles. Get to know His disciples and witness the beginnings of the Christian church. These are loaded with 15 Lap Booking project topics that incorporate creative writing, coloring, research, Bible study, and more. Designed to provide activities and encourage personal research on the topics, use it to accompany any Bible study or history program you are using.

Lessons In Responsibility by Pearables

This once-a-week curriculum gently leads young boys in the area of responsibility. Duties such as making beds, cleaning up after themselves, hygiene, family relationships, and much more are covered in segments.

Life Lessons From Warner Press

These life lessons cover biblical teachings on purity, integrity, and God's plan for relationships with your child in a nonthreatening and age-appropriate way. They are packed with wisdom from God's Word, truths that young men and women need to know as they navigate the paths that lead to an adult life of integrity and honor.

My Whole Self Before You by Kid Niche Publishing

My Whole Self Before YOU is an illustrated, rhythmical child's prayer modeled after the Lord's Prayer. It combines Jesus' timeless concepts with childlike phrases and captivating color photos making it easy for young children to learn to talk to God in a meaningful way. An accompanying 80 lesson learning guide helps parents teach the truths of the prayer directly from the Scriptures.

Studying Gods Word by Christian Liberty Press

These Bible study workbooks helps children grasp basic Christian doctrines. Students are presented with a key catechism question in each lesson and are guided into Bible memory work, comprehension

Nest Family DVDs

Enjoy these great stories of the Bible on DVD's. Great clean entertainment for the whole family.

He is Risen (DVD)



Daniel (DVD)



David and Goliath (DVD)



Discovery by Explorers Bible Study


Proverbs People

The book of Proverbs was written by King Solomon to teach his sons. Now you, too, can train your children in the wisdom of Proverbs! These workbooks are full of short-answer questions, example stories, fun quizzes, application questions, and coloring pages teaching the character types in Proverbs. Book 1 teaches the following characters: 'Slothful/Diligent,' 'Righteous/Wicked,' 'The Five Fools,' 'The Prudent Man,' 'The Wise Man,' and 'Liar/Faithful Witness.' Recommended for ages 8-12.

Proverbs People Book 1



Proverbs People Book 2



Growing In Wisdom



Legends Of Faith Comic Series by Eikon Bible Art

Voted Best Children's books of 2014 These A5 comic books use Eikon Bible Art images to tell the Bible Stories in a format children will easily understand and enjoy.

Legends Of Faith DVD's by Eikon Bible Art

These DVD ROMs provides stunningly lifelike still images portraying Biblical scenes with a reality that is sure to pique the interest of children and help them visualize the narrative.

Women Of God DVD Rom3



Easter 2 DVD Rom7



Easter 1 DVD Rom6



Obedience DVD Rom2



Turning Points DVD



Additional Bible Titles by Various Publishers

Beautiful Girlhood



Boyhood and Beyond



Created For Work



Who Am I?



What On Earth Can I Do?



Because You Are Strong



Honor Your Father & Mother




Only One Me



Genesis Finding Our Roots



Raising Maidens Of Virtue



Practical Happiness



Bible Learning Supplements

These great learning tools will complement any Bible program!

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